Just a guy with a Camera

I find Crows (and ravens of course) fascinating. I've always enjoyed watching them, and thought I would film them and their antics in the big City for the whole world to enjoy. 

Here in Vienna, Austria, we have the "common" carrion crow (Corvus corone), with completely black plumage, and the hooded crow (Corvus cornix), which has light grey feathers mixed in to the black, giving them the appearance of wearing a hood, or as I like to think, a little Vest.

Main Cast

Below you can see the stars of most of my videos.

Click the images to get the the respective crows Wikipedia article to find out more about them.

Carrion crow Corvus corone
Hooded crow

Supporting Cast 

Jackdaw / Dohle 

A relative of the crows, but with a smaller frame and striking blue eyes. 

Rook / Saatkr√§he 

These relatives of our friends come from the northern parts of Europe when it gets cold in the winter. They are totally black aside from their bleak beak.