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We love our Crows! 
The true rulers of the City.

Previous Videos 

King of the Hill

Watch these crazy crows play around on the television poles high upon the roofs of the city. They are quite acrobatic! I think they're playing a version of "King of the Hill", a childrens game that has been traced as far back as the 14th century, and crows have been shown to exhibit "intelligence" comparable to that of a human child (source to be added here 'soon')

A touch of Autumn

The days are getting shorter and colder, and our friends make use of the falling leaves to hide treasures (and maybe even find one)

Last days of Summer '21

Our friends enjoy the last warm days of Summer in the Türkenschanzpark.

Crow Update #2
Catchin' some Rays

May 2021

Baby's day out

Lots of young crows enjoying a day in the Park

Foggy Peanuts

An early vid I made of some brave Crows in the Fog. 

Crow Updates #3 - Türkenschanzpark

Trying out the new Camera in a nice Park.

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